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Philanthropist Stuart Hankin Shares Tips on Balancing a Busy Career and Giving Back to the Community

Stuart Hankin is a real estate investor with phenomenal business vision. He has dedicated his talents to creating affordable and innovative living for urban communities. Much like his uncompromising drive in business, Stuart follows that same tenacity in philanthropy. The entrepreneur actively participates in his local Chabad and volunteers his time as a tutor at […]

Real Estate Investor Stuart Hankin Creates Stunning 5-Bedroom Floor Plans For Multi-Generational Families

Stuart Hankin is a highly-reputed real estate investor with razor-sharp business acumen. Headlining Hankin Homes, he has quite the list of accomplishments under his belt. In 2010, Stuart began rehabbing distressed properties in South Florida. Just 6 years later, the investor set his sights on residential and commercial land, refining his expertise to give communities sustainable, […]

Self-Made Entrepreneur Stuart Hankin Encourages Renters to Offset Financial Burdens With Homeownership

Stuart Hankin is a compelling force in the real estate world. Having had a humble start in a suburb outside Philadelphia, the entrepreneur obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Operations and Information Engineering from Cornell University in just 3 years. In 2010, the real estate investor started purchasing and flipping distressed properties in South Florida. Fast forward […]