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Stuart Hankin Of Hankin Homes Successfully Completed His First Five Affordable New Construction Projects In 2019

Stuart Hankin is the owner of Hankin Homes, a real estate company located in Florida.

Stuart Hankin spent the mid-2000s at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. After graduating from college, his interest in the real estate profession piqued.

Stuart Hankin started his career by purchasing, fixing, and reselling distressed properties.

With his Ivy League education, Stuart Hankin gains hands-on experience. He also learned many lessons about homebuilding at Cornell. But these are not the only factors that have affected Stuart’s business-making decisions. His grandfather played a role in it too.

“I get my entrepreneurial spirit from his grandfather, Harry Hankin,” says Stuart.

Stuart Hankin’s interest in real estate continued to grow, and so did his goals.

In 2016, he began buying both residential and commercial plots of land. Stuart Hankin’s vision was to develop properties that support and improve communities. His vision has not wavered. Nor has his drive to increase ownership opportunities for middle- and low-income residents.

Quality homes are what Stuart Hankin builds. Innovative house building is why Stuart started Hankin Homes. He believes everyone deserves to have a place to live.

Stuart makes his belief achievable by using cost-effective construction materials. This facilitates lower maintenance costs for future homeowners. Stuart Hankin’s actions are precisely in line with his vision.

In 2019, Stuart Hankin completed five affordable new construction projects. It was (and still is) a triumphant moment for all involved.

Stuart Hankin’s entrepreneurial spirit is always manifesting. He applies practical and modern thinking to his construction plans.

Hankin Homes continue to expand across the US. Stuart Hankin is dedicated to building cost-effective and affordable homes for everyone.

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